Utah Democrats – Time To Be bold!

Time to support our dreams--not our fears. Senator Elizabeth Warren from Massachusetts should be our next President. The American political system is completely rigged. It is all about money. Not people. A Democratic status quo, don't rock-the-boat nominee, will not get America where it must go. This country is in an existential moment. We do not need a caretaker leader to tinker on the margins to get in office so he can pay off the usual Democratic hangers-on. We don't need a nominee so beholden that he will carry on with business as usual, but with a Democratic twist.

In 2020, America demands a bold visionary leader like Thomas Jefferson, FDR and Harry Truman. It is a bit pathetic to see one candidate holding ten big fundraisers this month from the same tired, self-interested PAC's and special interests many of whom give to every side in every election. The candidate of the same-old “happy to protect the power, access, and influence of the ruling elite” from the Democratic side. That approach is not going to save America!

We need new, adventuresome, emboldened, gutsy, courageous leadership. That will come from Senator Warren! And the polls show in swing states – she wins!

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