Dear Friends of UP Utah Progressives, after three weeks, alone, in Mexico, I am back in Zion. I have

I am 65 years old.

I am going to have fun again! Eight fulltime years in Utah/SLC politics was service. It was rarely fun.

I am NOT going to save money, I am going to spend money.

I am going to use precious time with people where I don't have to be careful with what I say. That's when I know I am with friends.

I (and a paid staffer or two) are going, at warp speed, to build up my UP 60,000 member Utah Progressives newsletter, twitter, Facebook, social media, etc. presence. Our naked state (and city) is acutely in need of voices not tied-in with the establishment--the whole Herbert money, political machine bullshit.

I am going to embrace animals!

I am going to teach brilliant Mexican college students about Trump, the Electoral College and ICE. Do it for 5000 pesos a month--plus an UBER allowance.

I am going to take classes from the U of U (string theory to John Locke). Maybe pick up a degree or two.

I am going to go, with my husband, on a two-month around the world trip on Delta! Business-damn-class. I will eschew hostels and embrace Four Seasons.

I will, for what it is worth (probably) endorse and donate to one of the SLC Mayoral candidates. I have no idea which one. But, I will tell voters the truth.

Over the next two years, Stephen and I will take extended stays for months rather than weeks--to the Motherland Mexico (of course), China, the Middle East, Argentina, Budapest, India and likely another place or two. We will get a very big apartment and invite a few friends to join us for a week or two.

And, if I have time--I may try edibles again, start smoking a pipe, read trashy Grisham novels, pick-up golf clubs for the first time in 40 years, write a play, apply to be an intern on 'Fresh Air', and enjoy Starbucks.

I will do anonymous, shockingly good things for random people!

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