Congressman Chris Stewart: Who Will You Defend on Fox?

William B. Taylor Jr. with a 50-year résumé of devoted, unblemished public service OR the Trump Clown Car with Giuliani, Manafort, Pence?

William B. Taylor Jr. (with a 50-year résumé of public service) started as a cadet at West Point and an infantry officer with the 101st Airborne Division in Vietnam. He served every administration, Republican and Democrat, since President Ronald Reagan, culminating with a posting as ambassador to Ukraine under President George W. Bush. And he was recruited last spring by Mike Pompeo, Mr. Trump’s Secretary of State to return to Kiev to replace Marie L. Yovanovitch, the ambassador tarred by Mr. Trump’s camp as an adversary.

Or do you believe the Trump Clown Car with Giuliani, Manafort, Pence, and very special guest clowns Lev and Igor?

Is there no length you will not go, Congressman, to contort the truth in defending Trump Inc., as he continues to disgraces everything America stands for under the banner of politics as normal. This is not, politics as normal. I ask again, Congressman Stewart, have you no shame?

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