Senator Warren 'Medicare for All' Plan Senator Warren has announced her historic 'Medica

* Won't raise taxes on the middle class by one penny.

* Employers will pay what they now pay for health care into a tax pool. Small businesses would be exempt if they are not currently paying for their employees’ health care.

* Plan would create a tax on financial transactions like stock trades.

* Revenues will increase as passive 'investment' income would be taxable at the same rates as earned income.

* Would impose a 6 percent annual tax on net worth over $1 billion.

* Ms. Warren’s plan includes an aggressive negotiation system to lower spending on generic medications by 30%. Spending on prescription drugs could fall by 70%.

P.S. Expect weeping and gnashing from Utah GOP and their 'moderate' Dem friends. Too bad. You had your chance. At this moment, very special thanks are in order to the Utah Legislature and Governor, and others like them across the country. If not for your stubborn, ideological, unchristian refusal to make even modest changes like Medicaid Expansion--this great moment would not have been possible. The people of Utah and American are desperate for changes in healthcare security--and you did nothing! (Prop 3.)

Bye-bye to private insurance. Hello coverage for everyone. Healthcare is a right, not a privilege bestowed by employers or insurance company executives. Warren or Bernie will win. This will be the mandate. It is going to happen! Whoopee!

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