I Am Throwing Up A Bit In My Mouth A Little Every Time I Hear ‘Religious Liberty’!

Dear Deseret News,

Another lead Sunday editorial on LGBTQ and religious freedom.

Your newspaper's obsession on this one issue is quite peculiarly perplexing. BREAK

Have you asked yourself, is this really what Jesus would be sweating bullets about now if he were here? The top Deseret News issue again in 2019 again – religious liberty and the gays. The baker and the wedding cake stories.

Do you suppose if Jesus were to give a 2019 Sermon on the Mount that his lead would be protecting the first amendment expression of the baker? Did Jesus even mention religious liberty? He did say, 'render unto Caesar....'

Among friends, can I say seems a little creepy, your fixation on religious liberty and the gays. There are so many existential grave matters facing our only delicate planet (at least our only planet for now), why so much attention on this?

Thank you for your offer of mediation. But, I think much of our community will pass. You are fighting yesterday's war. America and the world are on the fast-track to equality. Time and the next generation (even at BYU Provo; but, admittedly – maybe not BYU Idaho) are on the side of justice and equality.

Why do we need to negotiate with you? LGBTQ people will not settle for less than their full constitutional guaranteed rights. What rights do you want us to give up in order to make you happy? Sorry, the day of offers of civil unions and 'most rights' has long passed. (Ironically, at the time, you turned even those weak proposals down.) We demand equal. Equal. Simple.

Like it or not, minimally, to even begin a serious dialog with our community you need to gulp and admit that marriage equality is a given in the United States of America and that there is no going back!

We are not jumping back in the closet and we are not giving up our families because it makes you uncomfortable or offends your God. Sorry.


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