Medicare for All in UTAH

The best healthcare in the world--if you have it! We need Medicare for All in UTAH!

One example, the cost of an MRI in the Salt Lake Valley. I checked with nine facilities (just research, I am fine). An MRI ranges between $400 to $3,500. Same machines. This is for the test only--prices should be close. But, it is the BIG CORPORATE MEDICINE/ INSURANCE MAFIA USA in control-competition. Comparative shopping by consumers is made almost impossible.

There is no KAYAK or Orbitz for an MRI. No 'Tuesdays are slow--come to our MRI for a 25% discount.' Patients usually don't know the cost--until they get the bill.

SL Valley hospitals (which usually cost much more than free-standing facilities) are loathed to give a price for the procedure. The medical care establishment is patronizing and offended by financial questions. It's like prices are their little secret-- and patients just don't really have the brainpower to receive that information. Those patients who persist are considered rude and disrespectful--and left endlessly on hold.

The healthcare market is already socialized--but in favor of the large, corporate, for-profit providers and insurance companies who suck trillions out in profits and unneeded paperwork and tests. An insurance company never held the hand of a dying elderly patient or saved a child with cancer! Yet they take 20% of the healthcare cash haul.

Ironically, low-income patients who cannot afford insurance are charged the highest rates for services. And, if you think University, Primary Children or the 'for-profit' hospitals junkyard lawyers will compassionately bypass going after poor people's homes--you are wrong. (Blah, blah, blah 'we work with patients'. Those nasty bill collectors will 'work' with the poor, once they are convinced that there are no assets to attach. IHC is a rare exception.)

We are all (OK, 99% of us) just one uncovered disease away from bankruptcy and losing our home and a lifetime of work.

So, back to you Mike Lee and Chris Stewart, we know you are passionately AGAINST ObamaCare and Medicare for All (heck, you guys are against Utah's already paid-for $865 million dollar Medicaid Expansion). But gentlemen, after all these years of stalling, what exactly, if anything, do you stand FOR? Other than the horrendous status-quo and keeping your big funders in the health care industry fat and happy?

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